Celebrate Your Beauty!

Your uniqueness makes you beautiful. Celebrate the person you are and walk confidently in your own skin.


A little over a year ago when deciding to leave my full-time job and start my own business I jotted down detailed ideas and created an entire business model of what I felt I wanted my business to portray. I believe when starting your own business, it is extremely important to take these measures and understand who you are speaking to.


When jotting down these ideas I couldn’t help but think of how far I’ve come, not only professionally but emotionally as well. It took a lot of courage to put myself in a risky position -leaving a secure job and starting from the ground up, but I was up for a serious challenge.


It’s very important to me to know and understand who my client is. When someone thinks of Bellezza By Vanessa I want them to feel comfort, security, and joy, with the understanding that my establishment is a safe space to unwind and receive result-driven treatments.


As a result, Celebrate Your Beauty came to be! This is the first line of products I have designed and launched to help support a cause while offering beautiful products to love and enjoy. This line consists of three products:


  1. Soothing Ice Globes filled with sparkles,
  2. Collagen Eye Treatments in a box
  3. A Silk Sleep Mask


After finalizing product designs, creating card designs, and planning and participating in an amazing photoshoot, I didn’t stop there.  I selected an organization that has always been close to my heart to donate a portion of the sale from each box. Yellow Brick House is an organization in York Region that has assisted many women and children in abusive situations for decades.


It’s amazing that what started out as an idea is now coming together and has already exceeded my expectations!

I am proud of what Celebrate Your Beauty is and what it stands for.


Enjoy beautiful products while supporting a worthy cause!


Love always,

Vanessa xox